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When my own son, Jonathan, and his lovely bride, Stephanie decided to get married this summer, I knew that their cake would need to be something special! 

The challenge proved to be even greater than I had expected, when they confided in me that whilst their primary colour theme was blue, each of their five bridesmaids would be dressed in a different additional colour - purple, turquoise, green, red and orange, not forgetting their pretty flowergirl, Leah, in lemon!

To incorporate all these colours successfully, proved to be something of a challenge and a real responsibility, as Jon and Steph generously put their trust in me to produce a design worthy of their fabulous wedding!

With each of the bridesmaids and the flowergirl represented by a single gerbera, the different layers of fruit, lemon sponge (Steph's favorite) and chocolate orange (Jon's choice) were separated by hundreds of individual petals of blue delphiniums interspersed with blue and white hydrangea petals.

Their cake was set atop a sparkling stand of white fairy lights in chiffon and finished with a delicate topper inscribed with the words 'Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts beat as one.' - J. Keats


Do you think that they liked it?